Comeback Champion: Waller “Scott” Mitchell

Pre-Surgery Fracture

BGO’s latest Comeback Champion story is from Waller “Scott” Mitchell.  Mr. Mitchell had a fall this past June, and sustained a displaced subtrochanteric spiral hip fracture, which you can see in this first X-Ray.  Essentially, Mr. Mitchell broke his femur, near his hip joint, and would unfortunately require surgery.  Mr. Mitchell was seen at CHI-St. Joseph Main Hospital, and an emergency surgery was performed by BGO surgeon, Dr. Travis Hunt.  Mr. Mitchell remembers, “It is strange when you have an emergency, and you do not know much about your surgeon.  Thankfully, I now know I had a great doctor and feel confident to get back to 100% as he assured me would happen.”

Post-Operative X-Ray

The road to recovery from this type of fracture is not easy, and it required a short stay at Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital before being discharged to his home.  Mr. Mitchell knew the work ahead of him, and he began outpatient physical therapy at BGO on July 16th, 3 weeks after his surgery.  “It seems that some people I talk to dislike physical therapy, and quit early.  I recommend everyone in this situation to go to the folks at BGO.  I could barely function on a walker when I started there, but these great people allowed me to work my way up at my own pace.  I actually looked forward to my visits, and after two months, I came out at 95% recovery and on my way to 100%.  The workers at BGO are very knowledgeable and caring.  Big shout out to Brenda who really knew her stuff and helped me feel like it was all worth it.  Everyone who helped me there was very nice and helpful – Lee, PJ, Brian, and Juliana!  Thanks for everything you did for me… I now recommend anyone that needs recovery to go to BGO!!!”


Dr. Travis Hunt


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