January 26, 2018

Foot injuries are unfortunately common among athletes due to overuse, improper technique, and accidents on the field. It’s essential for an athlete to receive physical therapy treatment after an injury or surgery to properly heal and return to everyday activities including sports.

Foot injury therapy exercises may be recommended by a physical therapist after a few days of rest. By using well-structured exercises and conditioning, you can improve your mobility and pain management.

Beginning Sports Injury Treatment
Prior to beginning physical therapy exercises, it’s essential that you first perform them with your doctor or physical therapist. This is to ensure you’re using the correct technique and that you’re not causing more damage to your injury.

If you experience pain during the exercise, don’t ignore it. Stop the exercise and talk to your doctor.

The following foot injury therapy exercises are to help with strength and flexibility to enhance mobility. Talk to your physical therapist about which exercises may help best for meeting your goals for physical rehabilitation.

    1. Golf Ball Roll
      For this exercise, begin by sitting in a chair with good back support. Place both of your feet on the ground. Sit up straight during the exercise and keep your affected foot close to the chair. Roll a golf ball just under the arch of your affected foot. Do this for two minutes with only one repetition. This exercise will help with the plantar fascia ligament.
    2. Towel Curls
      For this exercise, begin by sitting in a chair with both feet flat on the floor. Place a small towel out in front of your feet and grab the center of the towel with the toes of your affected foot. Curl the center of the towel towards you. Relax your foot once more and then repeat the exercise up to five times. This exercise will help with the plantar flexors.
    3. Ankle Range Of Motion
      For this exercise, begin by sitting in a chair but without your feet touching the floor. With your affected foot and leading with your big toe, write each letter of the alphabet in the air. However, it’s important that you use only your foot and ankle and that these movements stay minimal. This exercise will help with the dorsiflexors, exertors, invertors, and plantar flexors.

Physical therapy treatment isn’t just highly beneficial; experts say it can help save Medicare more than $231 million a year compared with the costs for patients with the same diagnoses who don’t receive these services. For more information on foot injury therapy and the best exercises for your recovery, contact a physical therapy center near you today.