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BSSC Opens Newly Expanded Surgery Center

March 25, 2024


LEXINGTON, KY (March 4th, 2024) - Bluegrass Specialty Surgery Center (BSSC), a leading ambulatory surgery center, has moved to a new, expanded location to better serve patients of Lexington and the Bluegrass Region. This move continues to align with the needs of the community, with benefits of high-quality and lower cost of services, convenient access to care, and improved efficiency and coordination of care. The BSSC will continue to be the only privately held orthopaedic outpatient surgery center in the region, specializing in advanced orthopedic procedures.

Imagined and developed by physicians with patients and the providers experience in mind, the newly renovated, state-of-the-art surgery center opened its doors on March 18th, 2024. The expanded (8) operating room world-class surgery center is situated on more than (8) acres of land, covering 30,000 square-feet, and is the largest freestanding orthopedic surgery center in Kentucky. The new center is relocated less than one-half mile from its original 9,200 square-foot, (3) operating room facility, and is now located at 3475 Blazer Parkway in Lexington, Kentucky. It offers state-of-the-art equipment including Vyv© antimicrobial lights to assist with disinfecting operating rooms, and (2) Stryker Mako™ Robotic-Arm Assisted Systems, which increases the predictability of the surgical experience during total joint replacements. The surgery center is home to approximately (105) physicians and medical staff who will have the capability of seeing more than (20) patients per day. By offering surgeries that will cost less and typically require lower copays than those conducted in hospital inpatient settings, BSSC will continue to make high-quality care more affordable for patients in the Bluegrass region.

"We recently moved to this beautiful, new location and are incredibly pleased with the new features we can offer our community," said Laura Lipps, RN, BSN, BSSC Administrator. "Together with our physicians and staff, we are deeply committed to enhancing access to care for patients. This new facility is perfectly located to serve the people of Lexington and the surrounding communities with a more affordable option for many surgical procedures."

"The new surgery center was inspired with patients and physicians in mind, ensuring our community had access to the highest-quality outpatient surgical care," said Greg D'Angelo, MD, BGO President and BSSC Medical Director. "Our physicians had input throughout the entire process, and we believe we have designed an environment like none other in the region. Unlike many construction projects today, our surgery center, in collaboration with our great partners and physicians, opened on-time and on-budget, which is a true testament to the intentional focus by all on this project."

BSSC engaged Stengel-Hill Architecture, a full-service architectural and interior design firm based in Louisville to supervise the development, and partnered with Kelley Construction, Inc. to oversee the construction management of the new facility.

BSSC is planning their grand opening and community event on the afternoon of April 19th. They are welcoming community members, medical professionals, and the media for this event. For more information, please visit www.bluegrassasc.com, www.bluegrassortho.com, or follow us on Facebook @BluegrassOrthopaedics.


Bluegrass Specialty Surgery Center is licensed by the state of Kentucky and was established by clinical personnel to offer safe, high-quality surgical care. Patients often find that because the center specializes in outpatient surgery, there are many advantages including personalized, concierge-style care, statistically lower infection rates than traditional hospitals and the benefit of recovery in your own home.


Bluegrass Orthopaedics is the largest independent orthopaedic clinic in Central Kentucky, with on-site diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of every orthopaedic condition. Essentially patients are offered four businesses under one roof - physician medical office, physical therapy, MRI services and outpatient surgery. All of our physicians and physician assistants are professionally trained and are board eligible/certified. BGO wants each patient to feel like they are the center focus. To do so, we combine our commitment of being the most affordable, high quality orthopaedic practice in the commonwealth. Ensuring our time-honored belief that at the core are our values, integrity, respect, and compassion.


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