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Comeback Champion:
David Hall

May 20, 2024

Bluegrass Orthopaedics is thrilled to introduce our newest Comeback Champion - Mr. David Hall. David endured years of pain in his right shoulder, which eventually became so severe that it disrupted his sleep and prevented him from enjoying his favorite activities of bass fishing, hunting, playing with his kids, and competitive weightlifting.

David initially sought care elsewhere and continued to suffer in pain. In October of 2023 he had an appointment with BGO shoulder specialists Dr. Ryan Donegan. It was at that appointment that David found out he would need to undergo a right shoulder arthroplasty. Despite his reluctance to go through another surgery, David felt he had nothing to lose. He had this to say about his appointment:
"The last thing I wanted was to go through another shoulder surgery. I trusted Dr. Donegan because he was very personal and had patience through all my questions. Ultimately, I chose to move forward with the surgery," shared David.
David had a shoulder hemiarthroplasty in November of 2023. Remembering from his previous experience shoulder surgery that he had lengthy recovery ahead, David was amazed how much better he felt in just 2 weeks after his surgery. Below David shares his recovery:
"March of 2024 I was back in the gym. Now it's April, and I have fished one bass tournament and baseball season has started. I am able to throw a ball with my 7 year old, which is something I could not do the past couple years without severe pain. In February I coached my sons basketball team and was able to start shooting a basketball for the first time in many months. Within a few short months my life has been restored. Weightlifting, bass fishing, hunting, drag racing, basketball, auto repair, and sleeping in my bed - all these things already accomplished within about 3 months of surgery! I could go on for days about having my life back and what I can do again."
David is forever grateful for Dr. Donegan and would highly recommend him to anyone who is experiencing pain and reluctant to have surgery.

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Ryan Donegan, MD, MS