January 05, 2018

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A couple years ago a bad sprain took me away from running, an activity I really take joy in, for almost a year. After that injury numerous recurrent falls kept me back from being able to really dive back in to running. I found out a torn ligament and other issues in the ankle would need surgery to repair them. I was really disappointed and worried about it, and thought recovery would be another lengthy uphill battle. Little did I know that my doctor's incredible skill would knit it back so securely, or that my recovery buddies, the team at Bluegrass Orthopaedic PT, would help me not only get back on my feet, but start to run again. Twice a week for a couple months the physical therapists not only healed up my ankle and helped me grow strong again, but they gave me so much support and encouragement to keep working hard until I was back doing what I loved to do. I could not believe how quickly I was walking, then doing squats, then jogging, then hopping! Tracy, Keith, and the whole crew made physical therapy not a chore or difficult, but something I actually looked forward to because I knew they wanted to see me get better just as much as I did. Thanks so much BGO PT! You all gave me back running and I am so grateful!