Jerry Dale: Comeback Champion

Jerry Dale: Comeback Champion

March 04, 2019

Bluegrass Orthopaedics’ latest Comeback Champion is Jerry Dale! Jerry was needing a knee replacement, but needed to lower his blood glucose before cleared for surgery.

“I began exercising to control my sugar. I started swimming 1 mile per day at the YMCA, and 5 weeks later, I lost enough weight and reduced my sugar enough to schedule surgery for October 12th!”

Dr. Greg D’Angelo, one of the total joint specialists at BGO, performed the knee replacement surgery. “I was off all pain medication and began walking every where, with much less pain than before surgery. Just 4 days after, my son filmed me walking and then jogging down the hall of my home.” ** Note – BGO does not condone jogging so quickly after surgery 🙂**.

“Thank you Dr. D’Angelo and his entire staff. They were exceptional. I could not have been happier and wish I had done this YEARS before. I was afraid of the pain for no reason. They are marvelous. I can not say enough about you.”

Congratulations Jerry – these are the stories we love to hear. We’re glad you’re doing so well.