a baseball player holding a bat on a field

A Letter to Spring Athletes

April 24, 2020

A Letter to Spring Athletes

Author - Cameron Deckett, MS, ATC

Our hearts are broken for you. This was supposed to be different. You weren't supposed to be at home. You were supposed to be out on the field. You were supposed to be out on the track. And we were supposed to be there too, cheering you on the entire season. But now, there is no season. There is nothing like we planned it to be. To Juniors and below, let's take a lesson from this experience. Let us never take for granted again what these sports bring to us, the joy, the laughter, the memories. Let us take the next chance we get and view it differently. Sports are a great part of our lives, but now we can appreciate them even more because it is not something we are entitled to, it is a privilege. The next time we have the opportunity to take the field, let us be more grateful for it.

Now, a special message to our seniors. We are so very sorry. This is not how you expected your last season to go. You have worked your entire careers for this. It was supposed to be your year. Unfortunately, it won't be, and our hearts are broken because of this. There is so much lost: The first at-bat you will never take, the doubles victory you and your partner will never get, the finish line you will never cross, the senior night bouquet that you will never receive. It is the ending that no one wanted. We all want control of how we go out. We want to have influence in that narrative, but this year is different. This year, it's all over and there is nothing we can do about it, and we are so, so sorry.

But we would be wrong in saying this is the end of your story. Do not let this circumstance be the only thing you remember. You have so many cherished memories from this year and all the ones before. Cherish them. Remember them. Let them become what you remember most. Sports are beautiful because they show us both sides of life's coin, the good and the bad. We just landed on the bad side of this coin flip. But there is so much more in store for you on the other side. Do not let 2020 be the end of your story. Do not let this season be the last part of your narrative. Life has so much more in store for you ahead, with and without sports included. This may not have gone the way we wanted, but we cherish the memories of every moment we had with you, and pray you have so many more great times in your life ahead.

To all you athletes out there, we are right alongside you. We wish we could be out there every day. We miss the feel of the sun and the wind next to the ball field, the fearful flinches when we didn't expect the starter's gun to go off, and the smiles on your faces when we see you compete at your best. We miss it all. But we cherish the memories of the past, as those beautiful times are some of the best of our lives. And we have hope that life will be beautiful again for all of us, on and off the field, track, or court.

Cameron Deckett, MS, ATC