Ryan Hogsten: Comeback Champion of the Month – March 2018

March 08, 2018

I am a Firefighter with a Central Kentucky Fire Dept. While I was exiting a structure fire during snow/ice conditions I fell on the outside steps. After landing I knew immediately that I had done serious damage to my legs. I was taken to the Hospital and I was released with what was thought of as "mild" tears in both my quadricep muscles. While starting Physical Therapy, my therapist noticed a significant change in my leg appearance. My personal Doctor and Physical therapist agreed that I needed an Orthopedic specialist. I picked BGO because of reputation. I was seen by Dr. D'Angelo and Derek Winebrenner (PA-C), and they reviewed the newest MRI to find that I had bilateral quadriceps tendon tears.

Dr. D'Angelo, politely called this a "Unicorn" injury due to the very infrequent nature of this injury. Dr. D'Angelo cautioned my wife and me that this could be a career ending injury. Dr. D'Angelo performed the surgery the very next day. After a successful surgery, I started with my PT and my meeting with Derek at BGO's office every week. Through my visits, I found the staff to become more then a Patient/Medical Providers relationship but a true friendship. The nurses and staff always had enthusiastic encouragement and when I WALKED (for the first time) into the office someone played the song "Celebration" on their phone! It was a great experience, minus the injury! I would recommend Bluegrass Orthopaedics to anyone needing a Specialist. They are remarkable! After 363 days from my injury I was able to step back on to a Fire Truck to continue my career in my dream job. This would not have been accomplished with out the excellent knowledge and skill of Bluegrass Orthopaedics!! Thank You is not enough!!