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Lucius Willson, MS, ATC
Athletic Trainer

Hello, my name is Lucius Willson, and I am the athletic trainer at Corbin High School. I am originally from Vernon Center NY and moved to the Southeastern KY area in 1996 when I enrolled in Lincoln Memorial University to attend college. I graduated from LMU in May of 2000 and spent a year at Indiana State University getting my Masters. I have spent the past few years working on my doctorate in education. I am the father of two daughters, Kaitlin and Madison and husband to Jennifer. My family and I live in Corbin KY where I also teach CrossFit class a few times per week. I have worked with many high schools across southeast KY, but working at Corbin, in the community where we live, is very rewarding. The Corbin Redhound athletic program shows me what high school athletics can be when there is support from the whole community.