After being active in sporting activities my whole life and never having an injury, I was at a loss when I flipped a small stool while staining my deck.  At age 66, I now had two fractures at the top of my left humerus!!!  After much pain and 4 weeks in a sling, I went to BGO for an evaluation.  Dr. Donegan was super informative, gave me opinions, and to get full use back, I chose surgery.  Dr. Donegan did some major work to undo the improper healing that had already occurred, then fixed my shoulder during surgery!

I was so impressed with all of the BGO staff – from registration and reception, xrays, etc.  Dr. Donegan and Cheslee Bloyd, PA-C were so personable and eager to explain what was going on before, after, and what was done during surgery.  They welcomed questions!  I’ve never had a more comfortable, pleasant experience with a doctor – EVERY time I was there!

Dr. Donegan did such a meticulous job on my shoulder that when I began physical therapy 4 weeks after surgery, rehab clicked right along with improvement every week.  I was back to the gym playing pickleball right after New Year’s and will be playing tennis soon!

Thank you Dr. Donegan and BGO!  I’ll be complimenting you every change I get!