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Comeback Champion: Jeuarlet McClanahan

September 06, 2019

Bluegrass Orthopaedics would like to congratulate Jeuarlet McClanahan as our latest Comeback Champion! Jeuarlet injured herself while doing an activity that she absolutely loves - aerial silks. "In April, I was training aerial rope and injured my arm, but had no idea of the severity. I kept training on it, but could feel something wasn't right. It wasn't until I reached out to my daughter's high school athletic trainer that I realized how significant the injury was."

Jeuarlet came in to see Cheslee Bloyd PA-C and Dr. Ryan Donegan - BGO's shoulder and elbow specialist. The initial evaluation was two weeks after her injury, and Cheslee felt there was a clear deformity with flexion when comparing right to left. Dr. Donegan was consulted, and to everyone's surprised, Jeuarlet had a bicep tear - the one Dr. Donegan had seen in a female. Dr. Donegan remembered, "This was such an unusual injury. When I first examined her, it seemed like a distal biceps tear, but given the situation I just didn't feel 100% about it. Luckily MRI was arranged and performed quickly and we were able to diagnose and treat the problem rapidly."

Jeuarlet must have had some sympathy pain, as her husband was just two years out of his own bicep repair! Regarding her recovery, Jeuarlet says, "Dr. Donegan was very patient, kind, and understanding. I felt like a caged animal after surgery while waiting for the full recovery. It has now been 5 months since my surgery, and I am completely released and back doing what I love doing!"

"Mrs. McClanahan was one of the most motivated patients I have ever worked with. It just shows me that there are very few things stronger than a patient who is willing to work for the goals they set for themselves." - Dr. Donegan

From an article in Ms. Health and Fitness:


"Do something daily. Eat what you should not what you want. Move, be an example for your family. Healthy mind, healthy body and healthy spirit. When your working on your health it puts your mind, body and spirit in a better place. It makes you a better person, wife and mother. I started doing aerial silks training at age 40. Don't be afraid to try something new and exciting. Life is short - Be the best version of yourself that you can be." - Jeuarlet McClanahan.

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