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Comeback Champion:
Larry Roberts

December 01, 2023


Bluegrass Orthopaedics is proud to acknowledge our latest Comeback Champion - Mr. Larry Roberts!

Typically, individuals spend their entire lives working and eagerly anticipate retirement as a time to relax, enjoy leisurely strolls, and share time quiet with friends and loved ones. However, Larry Roberts' retirement is unfolding quite differently. After serving as Fayette County's Attorney for 16 years, Roberts, who played competitive tennis and earned his law degree from the University of Kentucky, recognized that slowing down after being active for 35 years was not going to happen. However, after four knee surgeries, he had to hang up the tennis racket. He had to find another activity, and golf wasn't it. Consequently, he made the transition to pickleball, a sport played on a smaller court with less running involved.

"I wasn't any good at golf and got tired of losing money on the course. Plus, I needed something more competitive."

See article and story by WKYT's Sam Dick from earlier this Fall: Off The Beaten Path: 79-Year-Old Lexington Pickleball Player Heading to Championship Tournament.

Larry recently returned from Dallas after winning the 2023 BIOFREEZE USA PICKLEBALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in both the Men's Singles (3.0) and Mixed Doubles (3.0).

Pretty amazing considering Roberts just started playing a little over a year ago, and that he had knee replacement surgery with Bluegrass Orthopaedics' total joint specialist, Dr. Christian Christensen, in July of 2022.

Dr. Christensen shared, "Larry Roberts is an incredibly hard-working driven individual. I am not surprised that he reached his goal of being the national singles Pickleball champion in the over 80 age group. First operated on Larry about 10 years ago when he came to me with an infected knee replacement done elsewhere. I'm excited that we were able to reconstruct his knee and allow him to reach his goal."
Roberts said, "Dr. Christensen made my experience personal - I wasn't 'just a patient'. He and his staff called to check on me making sure I was doing ok after each of my surgeries. He allowed me to remain active, with restrictions, throughout my recovery."

While going through physical therapy, Roberts worked with Michelle Sarrica, PTA to get back on the court. "Larry was always up for me to push him harder and always gave me 110%. His goal from the beginning of his rehab was getting back and ready for the Pickleball tournament."

From everyone at BGO - Congratulations Larry! Job well done sir!

To learn more about our total joint specialist, Dr. Christian Christensen, please click here!

Christian Christensen, MD