Don Runyons: Comeback Champion

April 29, 2019

BGO wants to congratulate our latest Comeback Champion - Donald Runyons! After years of hiking through numerous national parks without injury, an unfortunate simple fall tore his tricep tendon on October 22nd, 2018. "I went to BGO and first saw Cheslee Bloyd (PA-C)." A patient of Cheslee's for quite some time, Don states "He's my go-to guy for cortisone (injections) in my knees!"

"After looking at the MRIs, he informed me of the seriousness and said surgery was required to repair," remembers Don. "He introduced me to Dr. Ryan Donegan, who would be performing the surgery. I liked him immediately, and felt very comfortable after explaining the procedure and the expected recovery period. He would put a screw into the elbow, and a band through the tendon to pull it into the elbow."

After surgery and wearing a brace for approximately 3 months, Don states "It felt like it was completely healed! I rapidly progressed to where it was as strong as ever."

"Thanks to the excellent team at BGO! For an old Guy I am back to 'normal'."