Cathy Bell: Comeback Champion

April 26, 2019

This month’s Comeback Champion is Cathy Bell!  After years of cheerleading, and a meniscus repair in 2009, arthritis began to become a problem.  Daily tasks became very challenging, and even led to difficulty sleeping.  Soon enough, a knee replacement was needed.  We could not be more proud of how Cathy has overcome the adversity of surgery, and has done well after her recovery!

“Dr. Christensen said knee replacement was inevitable and to let him know when I was ready. His personality, manner with patients and strong faith, were just what I needed,” remembered Cathy.  “The surgery went well, and PT seemed to progress as expected, until scar tissue organized.  Eleven weeks after the replacement, he performed a manipulation, which was needed to achieve range of motion. Physical therapy worked wonders. I can’t give enough thanks to all the staff at BGO physical therapy. But specific credit goes to my therapist, Chris Bagbey, who took over and made it all happen. The skills of Dr. Christensen and Chris have helped me achieve the goals I had and resume a life of daily exercise. I am so grateful.”