Gary Toler: Comeback Champion

March 21, 2019

Bluegrass Orthopaedics’ would like to acknowledge our latest Comeback Champion – Mr. Gary Toler.  While painting up on a ladder back in September, Mr. Toler had a fall and severely injured his knee. “I found out later, after numerous trips to different physicians, that I was walking around for 3+ months on a broken knee.”  Mr. Toler came to BGO and saw our total joint surgeon, Dr. Kevin Denehy, for a revision knee replacement.  Unfortunately, this same knee had already been replaced a few years before, and the fall off the ladder meant that his total knee replacement would need to be revised.

This posed a difficult surgery, especially due to the months that Mr. Toler was active on an unstable knee.  Recovery from this would also be difficult, but Mr. Toler did extremely well, and has been a true CHAMPION in our eyes.

“Thank God for Dr. Denehy.  Within a few days I was walking with almost no pain at all.  I will never be able to thank Dr. Denehy and his staff enough.  I am blessed that he was there when I needed him.”  BGO is very thankful for Mr. Toler’s recovery, as we know it was not an easy one.  We wish him well… with no trips up a ladder :-).

To learn more about our total joint specialist, Dr. Denehy, please visit here!