How Orthopaedic Pillows Can Give You The Sleep You’re Missing Out On

How Orthopaedic Pillows Can Give You The Sleep You’re Missing Out On

May 24, 2018

As the population of the United States ages, one in seven people is afflicted with orthopaedic problems. To break down the medical-ese, orthopaedic practice applies to anything that has to do with treating musculoskeletal issues. Chronic aches, pain management procedures, breaks, sports rehabilitation, trauma, and physical therapy treatments all fall under the umbrella of orthopaedic medicine.

We spend a lot of time sleeping our lives away (about one-third of it, actually). Orthopaedic surgeons see so many patients with neck and back problems on a daily basis, and many patients don’t know that their sleeping arrangements, bed, pillows, and mid-slumber bodily contortions cause a lot of chronic aches, especially in the neck and back. Enter orthopaedic pillows, saviors of satisfying slumber and arising refreshed in the morning.

There’s quite a range of difference
It shouldn’t come as a shock that since bodies are so different, sleep requirements are equally differentiated. Orthopaedic pillows, especially when medically prescribed, will do a lot of good for many people who suffer from chronic pain. Among the range of pillow types, there are a couple types that stick out.

The neck pillow
One of the most popular orthopaedic pillows, they specialize in proper neck alignment while you’re asleep. The variety of ways people sleep is often not considered by generic pillow makers.

Neck aches are very common sleep caused ailments easily corrected by a neck pillow that properly reins in your sleep posture, alleviating neck stress.

The body pillow
Many of these aren’t orthopaedic at all. They allow the sleeper to hug the whole thing as the pillow gently adjusts to the curves of their sleeping body. These are great for sleepers who move their pillow around with them throughout the night and it often counts as two pillows in one.

In this small range of pillows, there are more tailored options to counter the intricacies of your personal sleep-borne pain issues. Orthopaedic surgeons have their work cut out for them and chronic pain isn’t so easy to manage, but the mission of fitful rest is key to living and sleeping comfortably.

When you lie down at night, you deserve to wake up refreshed and pain-free. If you’re concerned about sleep caused pain, talk to the orthopaedic surgeons at Bluegrass Orthopaedics about simple options like changing up your pillows. A good night’s sleep may very well be a mere pillow purchase away.