Don’t Let an Injury Stand in Your Way: Recover Faster With Physical Therapy

Don’t Let an Injury Stand in Your Way: Recover Faster With Physical Therapy

May 22, 2018

Physical therapy, or PT, can be a means to correct a condition or treat an injury either instead of drugs and surgery or as a means of post-surgery rehabilitation.

Many people find visiting orthopaedic centers and creating a customized physical therapy treatment for their musculoskeletal conditions to be the best recovery method. The Health Services Research Journal published a study which found that when physical therapy is used as their initial management strategy, the patients faced 72% fewer costs over their first treatment year compared to other methods.

Besides being effective and personalized, there are other reasons why PT can be beneficial.

Pain management
Many people experience a great deal of pain from their conditions, and physical therapy methods can help mitigate that pain. Exercises and techniques can restore muscle and joint function as well as relieve pain, and can often prevent it from returning.

Alternative to Surgery
If your physical therapist is able to address the pain or heal the injury, then your need for surgery may be substantially reduced or removed altogether. However, even if you do require surgery you can benefit from going into surgery stronger and healthier, and thus speed up recovery time.

Whether you’re a professional, amateur, or enthusiast, sports can cause many functional injuries. Sports rehabilitation is a large facet of physical therapy and athletes all over the world use therapy to not only treat their injuries but to prevent them as well. A skilled sports rehabilitation specialist can create a recovery or prevention program that’s right for you.

Improve Mobility
If you suffer from limited mobility due to age, injury, or anything else, then physical therapy can help you regain muscle and joint function in order to increase mobility. Exercise programs often include a variety of stretches to target the afflicted area(s) and in some cases, assistive devices can be used to lessen the stress from the weight. Regular stretches might make your problem worse, so visiting a professional who can tailor a program to your needs could be invaluable.

Physical therapy has multiple benefits that many people can find useful in their lives, but the first step is talking to a professional. If you feel as though you could benefit from PT, then you should make the call to begin your recovery.

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