Michael Blanton: Comeback Champion of the Month

Michael Blanton: Comeback Champion of the Month

May 16, 2018

Michael Blanton sustained a significant ankle injury while at work in 2017, leading to a surgery in November to repair the ligaments in his ankle.  He progressed very well in rehab, and through it, gained trust of his ankle. He was able to return fully to work last month!  Bethany Crisp, PTA says, “He was so much fun to have in the clinic, and several of the therapists would fight over who would treat him each visit.  He brought excitement as he progressed, and overcame many of the fears he had after his injury.”

“When I fractured my ankle at work, I never imagined how different my daily routines would get.  After surgery, everything was flipped on its head even more.  The wonderful team at BGO did everything they could to bring me back to normalcy – celebrating each goal I achieved.  After all the weeks of hard work, I am back to my normal routines, and I will recommend this team to anyone that needs them.”

If you have any questions about treatment and rehabilitation of a serious injury, please feel free to reach out to our Physical Therapy department at 859-263-5140.


Bethany Crisp, PTA – I have been working as a physical therapist assistant for BGO since April 2010, and loving every minute of it!  I graduated from Marshall Community & Technical College with my Physical Therapist Associate degree in July of 2009, & then completed the one class I need in order to complete my Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology- Exercise Science from the University of Kentucky.  When I am not working hard, I enjoy being outdoors hiking or biking, working out & taking up my new found interest riding a motorcycle.