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Comeback Champion: Marsha Fulton

June 08, 2020

Bluegrass Orthopaedics is proud to acknowledge our latest Comeback Champion - Marsha Fulton! Mrs. Fulton had recently moved to Lexington from her home of 50 years, and had been dealing with shoulder pain since injuring it while picking up a heavy object out of her back seat in her car - "I knew right away that was the wrong move", remembers Mrs. Fulton.

"I had been trying conventional ways of handling it, but it kept getting worse. A friend referred me to Bluegrass Orthopedics. Due to my age and injury, I was not a candidate for a (rotator cuff) repair. Dr. Donegan offered a Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement as a good choice for me but cautioned that it was a major procedure and would be a longer period of recovery. After a couple more tries with the shots and no improvement, I chose to go with the replacement. Like I was advised, it was major procedure but I was so glad to have Dr. Donegan and the Bluegrass Orthopaedics staff there with me through it. It did take around 9 months for full recovery to where I can now use my shoulder better than when I came to BGO, with NO pain that keeps me from doing what we want to do. Of course nothing is as good as God made it, but I want to thank Dr. Donegan, his staff and BGO for their caring and knowledge to help me. I have enjoyed doing flowers and outdoor work this year. I can again mash potatoes (which I am known for in our family circle), and we are planning to travel as soon as the COVID-19 threat allows us."

For those patients who are considering a total shoulder replacement, Mrs. Fulton is a great example of a true Champion. Recovering from these surgeries can be a long road, but getting through to the other side of recovery can be life-changing.

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Ryan Donegan, MD
Ryan Donegan, MD