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Comeback Champion: Bratcher Chamberlain

May 18, 2020

Bluegrass Orthopaedics is proud to acknowledge our latest Comeback Champion - Bratcher Chamberlain! Bratcher had suffered through a few episodes of dislocating his kneecap (patella dislocation) over the last two years, which significantly impacted his love for acting and performing in musicals. After the initial injury, Bratcher worked hard in physical therapy for several months, but continued to have some episodes of pain and re-injuries. He would need to continue to wear a knee brace to help align his kneecap and allow it to heal. Through continued physical therapy with Chris Bagbey, he would strengthen his lower extremity, hips, and core. Dr. Owen McGonigle, BGO's sports medicine specialist, thought a continued course of rehabilitation focused on stability and strengthening would help Bratcher - hoping to avoid surgery.

Bratcher's mother, Cindy, wants to thank BGO and the care provided to her son through the COVID-19 crisis: "Due to the Coronavirus, Bratcher has worked through telehealth with Chris Bagbey twice a week. He also completes his exercises every day that isn't a telehealth day. He is working hard everyday to strengthen his knee so he can continue to dance in the musicals that he loves so much. We are so thankful to Bluegrass Orthopedics, and especially Tracy and Chris for all their hard work!"

Chris Bagbey, PT had this to say about Bratcher's recovery:

"It has been a pleasure to get to work with and know Bratcher over the past several weeks. He was presented not only with a tough injury but also with the tough situation of doing PT over a video via telehealth. Bratcher rose to the challenge of performing his therapy over video and really excelled at it. He has not only worked hard during his therapy time but also on his "off days". It has been a pleasure working with this young man and I look forward to seeing him back on the dance floor!

To learn more about our total joint specialist, Dr. Owen McGonigle, please click here!

Dr. Owen McGonigle