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Men's Health Month

November 13, 2022

November is a great month end of fall activities, family gatherings, and football watching. It is also men's health awareness month. From prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health issues, there are many different issues affecting men's health and causing men to die on average 4.5 years younger than women. A lot of these issues can be treated effectively if caught early enough. Here are some tips and resources for this very important month.

  1. Family History - Did you know that if you have an immediate family history of prostate cancer that you are 2.5x more likely to have prostate cancer yourself? Make sure to take the time with family this month to have those conversations so you know what to tell your healthcare provider about family history.
  2. Know What's Normal - Did you know that testicular cancer is the number one cancer among young men? Get to know what is normal feeling for you and when to contact someone if something feels wrong.
  3. Reach Out and Check In On Someone - Did you know that globally one man dies from suicide every minute? Make sure you are checking in on friends and family this holiday season to see how everything is going.
  4. Get Out and Move - Did you know that regular exercises can lower risks of many diseases such as prostate cancer and testicular cancer? Make sure to get out and get some movement
  5. Schedule a Checkup - Make sure to take time for yourself and your health by scheduling a physical with your physician yearly. What better time to schedule than during men's health month every year? Early detection is key.

These are just a few of the things to look for regarding men's health. For more information on men's health and initiatives and resources, make sure to check out Movember at www.movember.com

About the author:

Kyle Sutton, MS, ATC