Our joint replacement team is trained in the latest techniques and treatment options for total joint care and replacement. Although hips and knees are the most common joints replaced, we also specialize in other joint replacements, such as the shoulder. Our highly trained orthopaedic surgeons perform hundreds of total hip, knee, and shoulder replacements a year with excellent outcomes. There are many types of implants and recommendations are based on several factors including weight, age, and activity level. Your surgeon will discuss the best type of joint implant for you prior to surgery.

Most important is how a patient’s activity and physical functioning improve after treatment. Our surgeons incorporate the latest technology advancements into their practice, including the use of smaller incisions and new, longer-lasting artificial components, when appropriate, making possible a faster and less painful recovery. Our on-site physical therapists, who work hand-in-hand with our physicians, are available to you to complete your recovery process. Using the best available science, our physical therapists will work diligently to get you back to enjoying the activities you love.

When other methods of treating pain and loss of motion have been exhausted, joint replacement may be the best hope for long-term improvement. Dramatic advances in procedures and devices used to repair and replace joints may now bring extreme relief to those who suffer from chronic pain.